Are you having trouble interpreting the code for your project? Do you need help finding clear, reliable answers to your signage code questions? All you need is to provide us with your potential site address or location and our administrative professionals will go to work for you! They will perform all the necessary code research and give you a simple, easy to read summary of the signage code allowed for your project. Doing this early allows you to make the required design changes and present to your client a complete and thorough proposal.


Do you need to establish a sign budget? Are your client’s hopes and ideas being impacted by a limited budget? We are the experts at taking yours or your client’s ideas and design assisting them to meet demanding budget requirements. Let us come up with some creative solutions, without compromising the integrity of design or the quality of the finished product.


We have an exceptional in house staff of design professionals. Freehand Sign Company can assist you in the difficult task of developing strong, effective signage to communicate your corporate image. With a thorough understanding of visual communication, our team will assist you in creating the most effective way to display your identity through a highly visible day and night presentation.


Freehand Sign Company has the experience and expertise to provide you with connection points, estimated weight load analysis and estimated wind load analysis. You provide us with the structural drawings showing desired location for the signage and we will provide you with the required preliminary engineering information, which will allow you to make important decisions early in the design/building process.